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Introducing the all-new Chopsy.

It is the Smart Chopping Board with Chopsy features 3 chopping boards which fit inside the base and pods for easy meal prep and cooking.

The Chopsy is a modular chopping system that comes with 3 different cutting boards and 5 unique pods which attach to the base unit when in use, which saves you time, reduces clean-up and makes mealtime prep and organisation faster and easier than ever before.

It’s not just a chopping board, It’s smart system (chopsy) for the whole food preparation you'll wonder how you managed to live without.

Just chop on the board and then slide the food or waste into the pod you wish to use, it’s as easy as that and it will revolutionize your preparation for mealtimes.

It easier with boards that are colour-coordinated for each application to prevent cross-contamination. Therefore, The Vegetables & fruit on green, fish and seafood on blue and meat on red.

The boards store within the base unit when not in use and are easily identifiable with their tabs just pull out the board need, pop it on the base.

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